Our Upcoming Events, Flea Market & Exhibitions

As we are now expanding ahead into the field of flea market and lifestyle exhibitions at various prime locations in Delhi-NCR, so we now welcome you to cater our exhibition organising services too.


Designing & Fabrication of Stalls

Shell Scheme, Maxima Stalls, Octanorm Stalls, Maxima Front Facia Stalls, Customised Stalls, & Pagodas.

Man Power & Security

Guides, Housekeeping Staff (Male/Female), Registration/ Reception Staff, Host/Hostesses, Emcees, Anchors & Hall Supervisors.

Communication Equipments

Base Set, Walkie-Talkie with Extra Battery, Mike, Speakers & Dias and Reception and Registration Counter.

Security Staff

Security Guard (Male /Female), Bouncers (Male/Female), Security Guards with Metal Detector (Male/Female), Transport Supervisor.

Transportation Service

Transport all type of Luggage, Carrier and Materials in Innova Cars, Traveller & Tempo Travellers on Road

Some Products

Chair Varieties, Tables, Sofa Sets, Sound System, Lights, LED Wall Screen, Plasma LED/LCD, Carpet AND MORE.

We Also Provide… Theme Set Ups for Seminars & Conferences, Concert Stage Work, Truss & Light Work,Fire Fighting Staff, Ambulance, Logistic Services & NOC’s.

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